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Customer Service - Support & communications
●      Technical Support - Paper & equipment engineers on staff
●      In-House Graphics Department - Graphic artists on staff
●      Award-Winning Full Color Management Capabilities - Ensures color accuracy & replication order-to-order
●      Full In-House Printing & Die Cutting Capabilities - HD, flexography, hot stamp & thermal printing
●      Warehousing Capabilities - SmartSolve stocking programs are available

We print almost on all materials including plastic, glass, ceramic, glass, wood, aluminum, rubber and metal. Applied on automotive, furniture, interior decoration, home appliance, kitchenware, shoe, electronics, etc

We are looking forward to make a horisontal integeration between different Industries. Our ideas are  limitless, It’s the best way to print on irregular surface objects. Our printing is Fixed, Duarable, heat resistant, humidity resistant. We dive guarantee to our customers. 

We transform ordinary plastic or fibre glass substrates into visually spectacular pieces using a variety of patterns including wood, marble, brushed aluminium or even animal print.

This type of customization will offer significant weight savings for a vessel, and durable and long lasting design.

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WTP Water Transfer Printing

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What Industries can make use of our technology?


What is Water Transfer Printing?

Water Transfer Printing (also known as Immersion Printing, Hydrographics, hydro dipping and cubic printing) is a surface decorating process with wood, carbon fiber, camo, design, flower styles etc to product surface, where a dissolvable-printed film is floated on a tank filled with water. The image from the film is transferred to the part as it is dipped into the tank.

Hydrographic finishing provides complete 360° coverage over corners and in the crevasses of the most difficult three-dimensional parts. So with this method, pretty cool textures and full color graphics are added to your projects.

Hydrographic provides a very durable finish. A company proficient in hydrographic technology tests for the following demanding standards: Hardness, UV resistance, chemical resistance, and adhesion to the substrate.

Deploying both automation and humans to create the best finish.