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Ur-Serv support you to repair end-to-end Value Chain, and apply the relevant industry practices.


Our Experts designed, developed and corrected numerous small and middle sized organizations working in FMCG, food and beverage, furniture, Artificial Intelligence, healthcare, pharmaceutical, cold chain,...etc

Ur-Serv goal is to help in horizontal integration between entities. Wherever your position in the chain is, we add value.

Ur-Serv is a Supply Chain management Consulting Company. Our team provide end-to-end Supply Chain integration. 

Ur-Serv goal is to guide very small, small and middle sized enterprises in Egypt towards Supply Chain Excellence. We fulfill any gaps to enhance the value added across the chain.

Ur-Serv Design your leanagile chain, outsource professional calibers to Re-Build with integrity, implement new practices, and train your Current employees.

Supply Chain Services 

Supply Chain Services

Supply Chain Management & Consulting Services

Some Examples of Ur-Serv Supply Chain Services